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We lead the way in customer service for Roofing in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia County! At Umbrella Roof, our core values are based around servicing the customer at all levels. We understand that needing roofing and siding work done can cause stress in a homeowner’s life. Our goal is to alleviate all the stress associated with getting your project completed. We feel homeowners want a roofing contractor professional who is really “dug-in” for the long term, ensuring that all areas from the initial phone call, the roof installation, the follow up and continued guarantee of products and services will be executed to perfection.

Umbrella Roof has been in business since 2008 and has completed over 5,000 roofing projects in Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia. We have a 3,000 square foot office headquartered in the Somerton section of northeast Philadelphia where our administrative and production staff is well prepared to handle your calls, questions, scheduling, and communication to ensure you a crisp experience from beginning to end.


Some of the most common issues with “fly by night” roofing contractors is poor communication, poor workmanship, uninsured or underinsured, unlicensed, using cheap materials, and understaffed or working from their home. These contractors get overwhelmed or even desperate which results in catastrophic issues for them and their customers. They’ve got more to gain by not answering your phone call and simply closing shop and moving on than to dig in, invest in their business and keep their promise to their customer. Because this type of contractor is not investing in their business, their people, providing the best materials, following technical application guidelines they can generally charge less, but it is not uncommon to for a customer to then pay twice for to redo their work!

Further this business is unsustainable, and the guarantee becomes worthless if the contractor is not in business to service a warranty claim. This we believe is one of our most important attributes, having a well-trained team and systems to support all areas of your experience and back in up with our Workmanship Guarantee.


Umbrella Roof is HERE TO STAY! All customers are welcome to visit our warehouse and showroom to find out more about us, meet our staff, review our licensing/insurance, see samples, and even get a free consultation and design services at 13420 Damar Drive Suite K Philadelphia PA 19116.


We find it interesting that with a simple google search of local roofers next to none of them introduce the customer to the owners. Umbrella Roof is owned by co-owners Rocky Ilashvili and Ed McDevitt.

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Rocky has been in the building trades for over 25 years and roofing and siding specifically for over 20 years. We estimate he has inspected over 40,000 roofs! He oversees the Operations and Production of Umbrella Roof and has an incredible ability to organize our project managers, technicians, and materials so all stages of all projects are executed seamlessly for the customer. Rocky is well known in the construction space in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our customers trust him, and our process, and we deliver on that promise every day!


Ed has been in the construction space for over 20 years, specifically General Contracting and renovations of real estate investment projects. Rocky was initially Ed’s roofer of choice!  After a few discussions they decided their skills and abilities could create one great brand and built the processes to execute all areas of the business well – to do one thing well SERVICE THE CUSTOMER! Ed oversees sales and marketing at Umbrella Roof.


Rocky and Ed are both family men, and Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia residents. Besides building a great business for their customers and employees, they love spending time with their families and look forward with great anticipation for the future growth to becoming the best roofing and siding contractor in the Greater Philadelphia area!


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