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We continue to lead the way in customer service for Roofing in the Greater Philadelphia area. You will immediately see the difference when you call us, and we hope to talk with you soon!

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Upon building a trusting business relationship they began pursuing some real estate endeavors together, and quickly found that their skills and abilities complimented each other well. Ed, is marketing, sales and systematically minded. Understands how to connect with customers and allies within the field he is working.

Rocky, with over 30,000 roofs under his belt – is a construction WIZ – and operationally minded with incredible ability to service dozens of customers and organize all functions so all stages of all projects work seamlessly. His general contracting business was extremely successful for two simple reasons. Excellent work and complete trust in him from his clients. That is a recipe for massive success in the construction industry in the market today.

Both having over a decade of experience within construction and real estate – they found a much needed service. Although there are hundreds of roofing companies, very few were TRULY customer focused. Too many stories of fly by night, shotty workmanship and questionable business practices made it an easy decision to focus on roofing in the retail sector.

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Their successes in other businesses lead them to pursue the Roofing and Siding niche as a main focus. They quickly were driving leads, estimates and sales. And found they needed the help of the only two people who were smarter than them – their spouses!

With that the main Umbrella Roof team was born, Rocky and his wife Tanya – along with Ed and his wife Kim.

Created systems that must do many things well – in order to do one thing well SERVICE THE CUSTOMER!