Flat And Shingle Roof Maintenance
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Roof Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Your roof is one of, if not THE most important component of your home. Many people think that once your roof is installed, it is SET IT and FORGET IT. But this is NEVER the case! All roofing requires maintenance. Roofing maintenance is often overlooked because of the nature of roofing, it is not seen – out of sight out of mind.

We place all our customers on a schedule to get a call when their roof maintenance is due. Overlooking roof maintenance can turn a 20 or 30 year roof, to a 5-8 year roof!! Read on for the various maintenance required for your roof type.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Umbrella Roof proceeds with maintenance as required by the manufacturer. We use only GAF and Firestone roofing materials as the industry leader in flat rubber roofing material. This material call for a silver coating every 3 years for smooth rubber. Along with roof cement to all edges and penetrations at the same time. Additionally, granulated roofing materials do not call for silver coat but still need to have edges and penetrations cemented every three years. The roofs are also cleaned and cleared of debris. If any issues seem to be occuring on the roof, such as ponding, this is a great time to address these issues so they do not become more serious. 

Shingle Roof Maintenance

Shingle Roofing requires less maintenance as they are pitched to have water drain off the roof much more successfully. However, edges and penetrations in need of roof cement may be applied every 3-5 years along with gutter cleaning and clearing of any debris.