How Much Does a

Flat Roof Cost?

Flat roofs have

tons of benefits!

If you are living in a home with a flat roof, you almost never have to worry about HUGE roofing repair and replacement costs as you might with steep slope roofs like shingles. But you will need some maintenance! Read on to see how

Umbrella Roof is the solution for long term and confidence in your home’s roof.

Flat Roof


Simply put, the absolute best thing about flat roofs are they they are FAR CHEAPER than shingle roofs. They also are not prone to as much wind damage as a steep slope roof would be, as the catch less wind due to their secured flat surface. Materials are relatively inexpensive, including the rolls of modified bitumen rubber (which will be torched down), roof cement, roof tape and some other basic supplies and tools. It is VERY important however that the rubber and roof system as a whole be applied properly by experts.

Flat Roof


The downside to flat roofs is they need maintenance. Flat roofs require routine maintenance like aluminum silver coating, and cementing cracked edges and penetrations. Additionally gutters and downspouts must be kept clean at all times or ponding can occur. Furthermore, if you have roof pitch issues that are not addressed, you can experience ponding anywhere on your roof. A flat roof must pitch to one direction to allow water to flow gently into the collection gutter box (eaves box), down the downspout and away from the house. It is an extra chore for the homeowner.

we handle all the maintenance for you with our Umbrella Coverage option. Including 3 maintenance visits over the course of your 10 year warranty.

But there’s a catch! They require routine maintenance such as coatings and applying new roof cement and fabric to edges and penetrations. Additionally, homeowners with flat roofs must ensure their gutters and downspouts stay free from debris!

Flat Roof


During the install every 3 foot roll of rubber must be torched down onto the decking below, and also torched to create a welded seam to the roll next to it. This process continues across the roof, so that the entire surface becomes one solid welded together system, where rain cannot penetrate.

Umbrella Roof installers are real master installers, every square inch of rubber material, every seam, every penetration and all edges will be tightly welded together for a permanent bonded system.

Lesser roofing companies may be inpatient or inexperienced with torching the rubber down, as it does take time and patience to properly apply the material. This will lead to small gaps or opening in the rubber seams, edges or penetrations not tightly flashed and/or cemented – and other common erroneous roof applications. This is unacceptable.

Flat Roof


Flat roof cost will depend on a few things. First the size of the area needing new roofing. Second, will this be a “re-roof” in which your contractor will install your new roof material on your existing material. A total roof replacement will require ripping the old roof off down to the decking and starting with all new underlayment from there. Clearly this translates to a much larger installation cost, and may require structural repair of the framing or decking.

Generally, unless you have damaged or soft or deteriorated decking or framing, your contractor can go over one layer of existing material. But cannot go more than two layers. So talk to your contractor! Make sure you’re getting the proper installation for your scenario.

Other than the size of the roof, and condition of the structure, Things like eaves boxes, skylights, flashing, soffit, mansard roofs etc. can make the cost of your estimate fluctuate. All these things will come into account for estimating your job,

Generally speaking, as of 2023 material prices as well as fuel and labor prices are on the rise. But flat roofing is generally still very affordable. For an “overylay” in which the new roofing material is laid in top of the existing roof, you can expect anywhere from $3500-$5000 as far as average Philadelphia 3 bed 1 bath row homes are concerned. For a tear off, in which all roof material is torn off down to the deck, the deck is repaired and prepped and then the roofing materials installed – prices can be double the cost of an overlay or more as there is far more labor and material invovled. . Hopefully that will help you shed some light on the process, what to expect and what it costs!